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PFLAG Albuquerque promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY.


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  • April1 14th -- PFLAG ABQ will co-sponsor with SAGE Albuquerque a GLBT seniors meeting from 2-4 PM at the Highland Senior Center. We watch the movie "Love is Strange."

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Pride PFLAG car, "hugs" truck.
Happenings ---

2016, April 19th. "The new Common Bond": Katherine Palmer and other Common Bond Board members will tell us about Common Bond's expanding mission and programs.

Note that our new meeting place is just south of Central Ave and two stop-lights WEST of San Mateo Blvd.<google map> 136 Washington Street, suite E. Washington Street is well-marked, on Central. There is ample off-street parking.

2016, March 15th. "Trans Parenting." A panel of parents of transgender kids spoke of the experience of raising a child who is transgender.

2016, February 15th. We discussed healthy relationships. Afterward we had some fun with arts and crafts.

2016, February 11th. PFLAG ABQ will co-sponsor with SAGE Albuquerque a GLBT seniors meeting from 2-4 PM at the Highland Senior Center. We will be celebrating our fourth anniversary. (We began having meetings in February of 2012.) Please, plan to attend, and bring a friend.

2016, January 18th. "Picture this, literally..." says chapter President Sheila Mink. "Judy Lopas will talk about and show pictures of Mount Saint Helens. This program was planned for November 16th, but weather had other ideas. So, we had a second chance to attend.

2015, December 21st. "Snack-luck" and chit-chat started the meeting. There was no formal presentation this evening. We had our usual facilitated support groups. We brought our favorite snacks to share.

2015, November 16th. This meeting was cancelled 1/2 hour prior due to worstening weather conditions (freezing rain and snow). The scheduled program was to have been a visual presentation with Judy Lopas speaking of Mount Saint Helens.

2015, October 19th. This meeting will be our official Annual Meeting with voting for new officers.

2015, September 15th. Virginia Stephenson, a director of the Transgender Spiritual Council, was the featured speaker. Pat Baillie (of Albuquerque Pride) says "Her political activism and work for transgender rights are key reasons why New Mexico has equal anti-discrimination and hate crime protections under the law for both sexual orientation and gender identity"

20015, August 18th. Jennifer Scacco, Executive Director of CASA Q was our speaker. CASA Q opened in February of 2015. She will tell us about their first six months of providing a place for homeless LGBT youths in Albuquerque.

2015, July 21st. The Santa Fe Mountain Center GSA Network folk told us about Gay Straight Alliance Clubs in New Mexico high schools, and upcoming outdoors activities and trainings for young people (High School to age 24). A half dozen members visited us, and answered questions.

2015, June 16th. Our Quiz Showed what you knew. We listened to a description of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or intersexed person who could have been a PFLAG parent, friend, or ally -- past or present. We tried to guess who was described. (This game acquainted new folk, especially, with who's who in and around PFLAG-Abq.)

2015, May 19th. We celebrated our 10th Annual Families and Friends Potluck.

2015, April 21st. Guest speaker Cristy Carbon-Gaul, a local attorney, spoke about the US Supreme Court's actions regarding marriage equality.

2015, March 19th. Julianna Brooks spoke of Albuquerque Senior Centers, at a GLBT seniors meeting held at the Highland Senior Center from 2-4 PM. (PFLAG ABQ and SAGE Albuquerque were the co-sponsors.)

2015, March 17th. Jenn Brown spoke of the Agora Crisis Center -- their mission, their operations, and their work in helping anyone in need of emotional support.

2015, February 17th. Katherine Palmer spoke of what SAGE-Albuquerque has done and of their plans.

2015, January 20th. Jennifer Padilla and Gina Mares spoke.

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