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  • June 11th -- PFLAG ABQ and SAGE Albuquerque co-sponsor a GLBT seniors meeting from 2-4 PM at the Highland Senior Center.

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Pride march PFLAG car, "hugs" truck.
Happenings ---

2015, June 16th. Join Quiz Show to see what you know. Listen to a description of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or intersexed person who may be a PFLAG parent, friend, or ally -- who could be from past or present. We will try to guess who is being described. (This game will acquaint new folk, especially, to who's who in and around PFLAG-Abq.)

2015, May 19th. We celebrated our 10th Annual Families and Friends Potluck.

2015, April 21st. Guest speaker Cristy Carbon-Gaul, a local attorney, spoke about the US Supreme Court's actions regarding marriage equality.

2015, March 19th. Julianna Brooks spoke of Albuquerque Senior Centers, at a GLBT seniors meeting held at the Highland Senior Center from 2-4 PM. (PFLAG ABQ and SAGE Albuquerque were the co-sponsors.)

2015, March 17th. Jenn Brown spoke of the Agora Crisis Center -- their mission, their operations, and their work in helping anyone in need of emotional support.

2015, February 17th. Katherine Palmer spoke of what SAGE-Albuquerque has done and of their plans.

2015, January 20th. Jennifer Padilla and Gina Mares spoke.

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